Monday, September 18, 2006

You Can Never Be Too Thin....

Madrid's Fashion Week, the Pasarela Cibeles, announced last week it was banning models with a Body Mass Index, or height to weight ratio, below 18.

“The fashion industry's promotion of beauty as meaning stick thin is damaging to young girls' self image and to their health," Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said Saturday.

The mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti, has said she will seek a similar ban for Milan Fashion Week -- starting in seven days time -- unless it can find a solution to "sick" looking models.

So how has this weeks London Fashion Week responded? By sending even more mal-nourished, emaciated stick insects down the catwalk. Despite the furore the British Fashion Council, which organizes London's twice-yearly Fashion Week, claimed it didn’t influence designers in their choice of models and that anyway it was too late for replacement models to be found.

Errr this is London every other girl you meet is a model they litter the streets of Hoxton and Shoreditch like emaciated rats, no the problem is many of our top models don’t fit the new healthy criteria and the industry simply doesn’t want to change.

Just look at some of the fashion mavens who run the industry, lets face it Anna (nuclear) Wintour and her ilk are not exactly obese are they? Fashion Week cancelled its opening photo shoot to avoid giving the issue more publicity, but presumably that was only because none of the models involved had a BMI over 18!

Someone better get those gals some pies! Or at this rate they’ll all be out of work!

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Janice said...

Hold them down and force feed them I say!