Saturday, October 21, 2006

Brand Beckham World Domination On Track

While Madonna’s forrray into fashion may be a disaster it hasn’t put off Victoria Beckham who has launched her own street wear line and a new fashion website. (Madge must be fuming first Angelina now Posh stealing her thunder!)

At Posh states: “ I’ve always been passionate about fashion and I’m really working hard in my new role as the creative director of dVb. Her passion for fashion seems to be rapidly turning her into Anna Wintour’s clone! And it seems her new title of creative director is not the only one she’s in line for;

Sources at Whitehall say Tony Blair is to make David, Sir David Beckham in the next honours list, thereby making Posh, Lady Victoria Beckham!

The brand Beckham juggernaut seems unstoppable! expect Madonna to start shopping for a title any day soon!

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agnes said...

Title or not She'll never be a Lady!