Saturday, October 21, 2006

Madonna - Fashion Disaster

While Madonna is busy matching her Malawian baby to her Prada tote, her fashion line at Swedish retail giant H&M appears to be bombing.

Three months after Madonna launched her tacky velour tracksuit, in three colours, bountiful stocks of the girl's materials are still hanging on the racks, their "Madonna & Crew ♥ H&M" labels begs the question: Does H&M feel the same way?

Compared to the instant sell-out of Stella McCartney's capsule collection for H&M last year, her BFF Madge's piece is a dud. H&M says that's not a fair comparison. Stella designed a whole 30- to 50-piece line herself. Madonna's contribution "is just a tracksuit that we had designed," H&M's spokesperson said.

Hang on! When it was launched weren’t they stating the pop star "designed a trendy tracksuit" and would be "designing limited edition sportswear" for the stores?

Expect to see it clogging up the bargain bins in time for christmas!

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