Thursday, October 19, 2006

Madonna & Child - The Saga & The Publicity Continue

Seems Madonna is having trouble with her new accessory….erm sorry adopted baby. The somewhat terrified looking tot was flown into London this week escorted by one of Madge’s hired help. Meanwhile authorities in Malawi launched a legal battle to oppose Madge’s adoption of little David and the press have had a field day.

Madonna claims to have the best intentions for the boy but it strikes me that the cost of having him flown to London by private jet might have been better spent on the boys father, giving him enough money to be financially secure for life and able to care for his son himself!

So how did the family welcome their new edition well Madge had barely taken delivery of her new toy, when she left for her gym for the afternoon!

A warm welcome there then! Today it also emerged that The Malawian authorities aren’t the only ones who opposed the sale…sorry adoption.

A source told Closer magazine: "Guy was not in favour of adopting and the rows have caused tension between them, but Madonna has refused to back down. Guy's own mother, Lady Amber Leighton, was forced to give up her first baby for adoption when she was an unmarried 17-year-old and this personal experience made Guy reluctant to adopt.

Let’s just hope Esther remembers a child is not just for Christmas or until the media coverage dries up!

What must the baby make of it all? Click here to see!

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cynthia said...

why couldn't she adopt a poor english or american kid oops sorry i forgot she's far too old and travels too much they would refuse her! besides where's the publicity in that!