Sunday, October 08, 2006

Missionary Madonna - Spreading Water and Kabbalah In Malawi

Rumours are abounding about Madonna’s possible adoption of a child from Malawi. After this week she was shown checking out the kids at an orphanage, by the looks of this picture this one didn’t make the grade cos his ears were too big!

Her charity is not ending there either she is also funding a water supply project and yes you guessed it, the water supplied will be kabbalah Water! (As it retails at about £4 a bottle it might be cheaper just to ship them in Evian!) She’s also looking at educational projects, which means the poor little mites will probably be subjected to Madonna reading them her crazy kabbalah children’s books, as if they haven’t suffered enough already!

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Mo said...

I hear she gave out copies of her book to all the orphans translated into african bet they were thrilled they'll probably flog them all on e bay!