Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rank & Bile At The Movies - The Devil Wears Prada

Friday night we went off to Islington to see the Devil Wears Prada, given that Lauren Weisberger’s book was one of my favourite trash novels of recent years, I was really looking forward to the big screen version. Well! What a huge disappointment! Whilst Meryl Streep tried her best with a script as flimsy as Tom Cruise’s grasp on reality even she couldn’t save this yawn-a-thon. Whilst the book had a bit of bite and edge and served up Miranda Priestly as one of the most dastardly characters put on paper the saccharine film version made her more like Mary Poppins with shades.

It didn’t help that knowing the book was based on the real life character of Anna “nuclear” Wintour I’d had a picture of her in my head as I read it, only to see Meryl look as unlike Ms Wintour as possible, presumably this was to prevent any more ire from the formidable Ms Wintour and her lawyers.

Why is it Hollywood just can’t do bitchy and bad? They always bottle out and soften things up and what a terrible waste of Miss Streep’s talents, do yourself a favour skip the film and buy the book instead. ** Stars

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Camp david said...

it may be crap but meryl looks Ab Fab

Lindee said...

I don't think the movie was that crappy. True, it doesn't have the same punch as the book, but Meryll Streep was awesome.