Friday, October 13, 2006

Poor Old Jennifer Aniston - Dumped Again?

Jennifer Aniston is a loser in love yet again. First Brad now Vince, seems she just can’t hang on to a man, when Brad Pitt came to his senses no one was surprised in fact the only question was, what the hell Hollywood’s sexiest man ever saw in dreary old Maniston, in the first place. Now it seems she can’t even hang on to a dead beat like Vince Vaughn. She must be one hell of a lousy lay!

Might have helped if Jen hadn’t spent the whole relationship moaning about how she still loved Brad. Get over it he’s moved on maybe you should try the same! Presumably the next poor sod will have to listen to months of her whining about how she still loves Vince. In fact every interview and article lately is her bemoaning her lot, declaring undying love for Brad and hatred for Angelina. She needs to realise bitter and needy is never appealing!

As Aniston seems permanently to reside in the land of denial she went on Oprah yesterday to say everything was fine with her and Vince, hmm her PR people obviously forgot to tell Vince’s what the official line was as The Sun got a pic of him in London, all over a mystery blonde, like a rash.

Do yourself a favour stop deluding yourself and stop whining and you never know you might actually be able to hang on to the next one!

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