Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Tinseltown Tina Diet

A recent not so blind item in The Daily Mail. Quoted model turned designer and boutique owner Paige Adams-Geller:

"I kept wondering why I would see an actress one week and she would look normal, and the next she would look gaunt, and I found out it is all down to crystal meth [A.K.A "Tina" which suppresses the appetite] the latest must-have accessory here in LA." She also told us the name of the 'celebrity stylist' who is now suddenly so in demand, simply because she also acts as the stars' drug dealer.

Given how rough…erm, slim, stylist Rachel Zoe looks (top pic) and given that her clients include Hollywood skeletons Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and Kate Bosworth you have to wonder if maybe Miss Richie isn’t telling the truth and in fact doesn’t have an eating dis-order after all. It might also explain why Nicole was seen leaving a clinic that specialises in Crystal Meth addiction recently.

Time to ditch the stylist girls before you start looking, drop dead gorgeous, literally!

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Anonymous said...

I think that's exactly right - they're all on something. No wonder Rachel Zoe's so popular, even though I kinda like her style :(

Myles said...

Hmmm what syle is that? Skeletal! I always think she looks like an emaciated Stevie Nicks and my god could that bitch do with some botox!!

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Julian said...
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