Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Prince Harry & Prince William's Royal Balls

Whilst Princess Diana loved nothing better than a Royal Ball, on one occasion even dancing with John Travolta at one.

It seems her sons are fans of different kinds of balls all together. Prince William was caught, this week, waiting for the balls to drop at a Mecca Bingo Hall, close to his barracks in Sandhurst.

After joining the club using fake name, William harry, He first tried to convince locals he was a look-a like but came clean after his chums gave him away, even graciously signing a few peasant’s bingo cards!....Mmm classy!

Meanwhile younger brother Harry looks like he’s been playing with yet another kind of balls, if this recent picture of the crown jewels is anything to go by! Harry certainly looks like he’s having a lot more fun with his balls than William!

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camp david said...

Well he certainly looks happy to see someone!I wonder who he's waiving at that got him so excited?