Thursday, November 16, 2006

Boos All Round At The World Music Awards

Little Lindsay Ho Han got a less than rapturous reception at Last night’s World Music Awards Lindsay who was hosting the awards was met with loud boos every time she appeared on stage and then proceeded to fall down a set of back stage stairs, bruised and battered by both the fall and the crowd Lindsay beat a hasty retreat and gave up as host half way through the event.

If you thought Ho-han got a rough ride it was nothing compared to the night’s headliner Michael Jackson.

Despite costing the organisers a whopping £300,000 for just one song, Wacko dressed in what looked like one of La Toya’s old wigs and some very dodgy slap, warbled his way through one line of “We are the world” badly off key and left the rest of the song to a bunch of very brave children who volunteered to share the stage with him.

Given that some fans had queued all night one line wasn’t going to cut it and he was loudly booed by the disappointed fans.

Considering the quality of his performance I think he was lucky to get out alive!

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Trevor B said...

I bet those kids got away from him as fast as they could once they got off stage.