Monday, November 20, 2006

Gay Paris

I haven’t posted anything for a few days, thanks to my best friend Mike, who treated me to a weekend in Paris! A group of six of us descended on the French capital in high spirits but after a somewhat overly alcoholic Friday night were somewhat worse for wear on sat. Not learning from our mistakes the Saturday evening we repeated the same mistake on a slightly larger scale as a result much of our time in Paris was spent looking like the wreck of the Hesperus and feeling just as bad! That aside, with the exception of sat night, we had great weather and I got to take some shots with my new camera…that was as soon as I figured out how to get the lens cap off! (see a couple of my efforts in this post!)

Highlights of the holiday included seeing the inside of Notre Dame, which I’d forgotten was so spectacular, a hysterical “Allo Allo” style café near our hotel, where the staff were straight out of BBC casting, particularly the waitress who looked like a bad drag act on a night out, the patrons were no better either, including one mad old woman who tried to take our photo by looking through the wrong part of the camera then nearly toppled a waiters cart as she moved back to get us all in. Other highlights were seeing a man at Gare du Nord completely oblivious to the fact he was dragging along behind him a postcard stand as well as his suitcase on wheels and the spectacular Christmas lights at Les Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussman.

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Camp David said...

Ooh pretty pics!

Anonymous said... beautiful!!! I'm going to France in Jan...

P.S.: I like your blog very much!!!