Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Whitetrash Britney Back At Last!

Hurrah for the return of White Trash Britney! The Britney we know and love!

Gone is the dodgy dark Angelina wannabe hair and the Nicole Richie sunglasses and back is blonde weave Britney puffing on a Marlboro with her jugs half out.

Amazing what dumping a loser husband does for your whitetrash rating! Britney has even started hanging with super skank Paris Hilton!

The all new Brassy Britney far from being concerned about K Fed’s threat to release a dodgy husband and wife sex tape has, completely turned the tables on her loser ex by threatening to release it first and pocket the money!

Welcome back Britney we missed you!

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1 comment:

Richard said...

She looks great
trashy but great!