Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Car Crash of The Month - Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Pantie-less Lohan is quite literally our car crash of the month as yet again she’s had a mishap at the wheel of her car this is about the 4th this year! Someone get this girl a driver! Her and George Michael have gotta be up for worst celebrity driver of the year and probably for the exact same reasons!

This time Ho Han hit a police car in
London with her Range Rover whilst out partying With Calum Best.

Between her and George Michael the streets of London are rapidly becoming death traps!) It’s also less than a month since her last mishap in her Mercedes when she collided with another vehicle after partying at nightspot “Hyde”.

HoHan’s driving and her nasty tendency to go commando when there are paparazzi around, isn’t the only cause for alarm, whilst in London, she has been spotted sporting what look like scratches and scars on her wrists?

A quick trawl through her recent photos reveal an alarming number of bandages/camouflage around the
wrist area as well as further scarring, prompting many to suspect she may be self harming. Hardly surprising when you are seeing Calum Best!

If I was dating that particularly loathsome lothario, I’d have suicidal tendencies too!

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Anonymous said...

looks like another one who needs to ditch Rachel Zoe!

neil said...

What a mess!