Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Josh Hartnett

The I Definitely Would Hunk Of The Month

From the moment we laid eyes on Josh Hartnett way back in 1997 we were smitten and our admiration for this 6ft 2" hottie has grown along with his roles, from getting dirty in Black Hawk Down to the mysterious detective in The Black Dahlia.

As well as looking good in a vest, if reports are to be believed he's an all round nice chap as well. It also doesn't hurt that he is capable of acting his way out of a paper bag...if only just. But hey! if you look that good who cares if he can act anyway.

He may Hollywood’s most unruly eyebrows but that just adds to his charm.

Even better news is that scheming hussy Scarlett Johanssen has finally let poor Josh out of her clutches (more fool her!) which makes him young free and single again and perfect husband material for me!

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CawfeeGuy said...

you've become my new one-stop source for all things Gossip.

Myles said...

Thank you kind sir!

Anonymous said...

he's very cute but why doesnt he get that mole removed?