Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kate Moss is Voted Druggie ... Erm Sorry Model Of The Year

Just over a year ago Kate Moss’s career looked like it might be headed down the toilet. Pictures of her snorting cocaine with her junkie boyfriend Pete Doherty started a media frenzy that saw may of her lucrative contracts cancelled. But Kate has clawed her way back to the top with no less than 14 major campaigns this season, culminating with her award as Model of The Year, this week, at the glittering, British Fashion Awards in London.

The Fashion World are a forgiving lot and you’d think a grateful Kate would be keen to thank everyone for their support over the last year…..hmm maybe not! Kate didn't turn up for the awards.

Probably she was abroad or off on a shoot somewhere? Err well actually no! Kate just couldn't be bothered to show up, she and boyfriend Pete took in a show at the Barbican then went for dinner just down the road at St Johns in Shoreditch. (see pics on the right)

The fashion world may be a forgiving lot when it comes to her little drug episodes and loser boyfriend but they may not be so forgiving of that little slap in the face. At the awards, the word on many people’s lips was “un-grateful”

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Anonymous said...

She was merely showing how she became model of the year: by thinking she's a cut above and rubbing everybody's nose in it - pun intended - whilst looking 'good'.

Next year: Naomi Campbell wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Myles said...

Lol! I wonder who volunteered to tell Naomi she didn't win!?