Thursday, November 02, 2006

Madonna's Baby World Tour Reaches The US

Madge has been doing the rounds of the talk shows trying to diffuse the PR disaster that the Malawian leg of her world tour has become and she’s got all guns blazing, first she has attempted to smear the Baby’s father, presumably because his story is inconveniently, not matching hers.

Madge claims the boy’s family never visited him in the orphanage, that the father abandoned the boy to pursue a new woman and that he refused money from her to help support David himself.

Given that everything Madonna utters is written about ad nauseam. That’s not gonna make nice reading for young David when he gets older!

Madge also claims that people who have opposed the adoption are racist!

Come off it Esther! It’s nothing to do with racism people oppose the adoption because you didn’t meet the criteria for adoption in the US or UK so you went to Malawi, broke all their adoption laws, bought a baby and took him out of the country before he was legally yours.

Then when you should be spending time bonding with the boy and helping him adjust to his new home and family you dress him up in Nikes, stick a Kabalah bracelet on him and schlep him across the Atlantic while you embark on a publicity tour of all the top talk shows!

Mommie Dearest needs to realise doing the talk show circuit is definitely not the best way to prove you didn’t adopt/buy a baby for publicity purposes!

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Susan said...

She should send him back for a refund! She's obviously not getting the press she wanted. Maybe she should just get collagen lips if she wants to copy Angelina!