Thursday, November 02, 2006

Does Anyone Have A Good Word To Say About Heather Hopalong McCartney?

It seems in the Mucky Macca divorce, Team Heather is falling way behind in the celebrity support stakes. First not surprisingly Stella McCartney had a pop at old hop along claiming “I can't believe what she's doing, I'm going to kill her, she's been a manipulative cow from day one” shortly afterwards Kate Moss claimed accusations made by heather against Paul are “utter b******t”.

Then this week Jonathan Ross called her a big old liar adding “We’ll probably find out she had 2 legs all along” to much laughter at the comedy awards.

Its not just celebrities who are attacking her either, following her threat to sue them, The sun newspaper is now waging war on the one legged gold digger pointing out her prostitute past, and her many lies. They accompanied their attack with this amusing questionnaire

Heather needs to realise the best way for her to get a decent pay out is lay low and shut her big lying mouth and definitely not try and go to battle with two of Britain’s cherished icons, Sir Paul McCartney and the Sun Newspaper! Much more of this muck slinging and she’ll be lucky to get a penny!

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JJ said...

Poor old Paul how did he get mixed up with that trash?

L vo said...

Loving it, loving it, loving it. It's like crack is to Pete Doherty, I can't get enough