Sunday, December 31, 2006

Car Crash of The Month - Jennifer Anniston

The January issue of US Magazine, revels the depth of Jennifer Aniston’s insanity and denial it seems the dreary and frighteningly clingy and needy, friends "actress", is still not over Brad Pitt or being dumped again by Vince Vaughn.

Close friends of the Friends “star” say that her actions are becoming frightening and recent episodes have included:

On the effect of seeing pictures of baby Shiloh:

"she collapses in a heap, clutching her womb like she's been stabbed if she so much as passes a baby stroller on the street."

On how she deals with it:
"throwing baby dolls into a bonfire on the beach behind her place in Malibu. It's creepy, but she says it makes her feel better for a few hours."

Hey, there's a bright side:
"At least she's stopped watching 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' over and over again, for days at a time without eating or sleeping. That just wasn't healthy."

Jeez! Woman give it up! It’s been two years already, you got dumped now get over it! Brad has more than moved on, time for you to do the same you crazy loon!

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Anonymous said...

What a loser and obviously un-hinged to!