Sunday, December 31, 2006

John Barrowman Gets Married - Damn! It should Have Been Me!

Former Hunk of the Month and Rank & Bile favourite, John Barrowman married his long term (16 years!) partner this week in a ceremony in Cardiff, where the hunky star is currently in pantomime and filming the next season of Torchwood. Congratulations to John and Scott Gill.

Speaking of his gay “marriage” to the BBC, Barrowman commented: "It feels great.....It's been a long wait but we legitimised our relationship to each other a long time ago when we signed our mortgages together and this is just something that forces people who don't want to recognise it that they have to."

Rank & Bile only just resisted the temptation to turn up and sing “It should have been me” during the ceremony!

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Camp david said...

Mmmm he looks good in a kilt! i wonder whats under it?