Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is Nicole Richie Going Down?

Nicole Richie may be going down if she is convicted of driving under the influence.

Nicole who was charged for the offence on Monday has a previous DUI charge and California law states that a repeat offence carries the mandatory sentence of five consecutive days in county jail.

Nicole was first arrested for DUI in 2002. She told police she had eaten French fries and drunk a shot of vodka. She was also charged with possession of heroin in 2003 but had the charges dropped after completing her probation.

Looks like Nicole could be spending some time in the slammer this time. Luckily Nicole is now so thin she can probably just lip through the bars!

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Nicki said...

Bet she gets off because shes a celeb

Mark said...

I'm amazed she can drive at all her arms look like the wheel would snap them if she tried to turn a corner. Maybe thats why she was going the wrong way she didn't have the strength to turn the wheel?!