Saturday, December 16, 2006

Invasion Of The Hollywood Zombie Hands

Dorian Gray had a portrait in the attic that got older and uglier as he remained youthful and gorgeous, in Hollywood the stars carry their portraits with them on the end of their wrists!

Almost every single fresh faced Hollywood star has hands that even their grandmother would be ashamed of.

Yes the plague of Zombie hands has reached epic proportions in Tinstletown and it seems the younger and more line free their faces are the worse the hands get!

It used to be said that you could tell the real age of a woman by her hands but in Hollywood there are girls in their 20’s sporting hands that wouldn’t look out of place on the crypt keeper!

The Queen of the Zombie hands set is undoubtedly Nicole Richie who at 24 has the hands of an eighty yr old woman! But even A listers like Nicole Kidman and Madge have hands like claws and most of it’s down to excessive dieting.

The irony is these bitches spend a fortune on getting their faces line free but are willing to go around with hands like withered shovels. Lordy!

Get some collagen injected or buy some damn gloves! Better yet try eating something and putting some damn meat on your bony old claws.

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Camp david said...

Ewww What a bunch of hags!