Saturday, December 16, 2006

Drama Queen- Rank & Bile At The Theatre - Kiki & Herb Christmas Happens

So last night Mike and I went to see the always fabulous Kiki and Herb in their “Chritmas Happens” show at the Reindeer Theatre. What a great evening! Although Kiki herself described the Transistion from Broadway, to The Truman Brewery in London’s East End as her Come-down concert!

It’s a year since we last saw them in London (for their Christmas show at The Festival Hall in 2005) and it’s been far too long.

Kiki was in fine form and old favourites like “Frosty The Snowman” and “Crucifying Jesus” brought the house down while the finale featuring her now legendary performance of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” and Gnarls Barclay’s “Crazy” earned Kiki a well deserved standing ovation.

Lets just hope the rumoured retirement of the cabaret terrorists, is just that, a rumour because Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive offering from the fabulous Kiki and Herb

Check out a bit of Kiki and Herb in action below

Kiki and Herb at My Space

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Paul (Cambs) UK said...

I saw that show it was fantastic!
Merry Christmas love the blog btw x