Thursday, December 14, 2006

Madonna Not Amused By Comedy Awards

It seems Her Madgesty's sense of humour deserted her at the Comedy awards in London. Shortly before she was to give an award to Sacha Baron Cohen (AKA Borat & Ali G), Jonathan Ross said to her:

"Congratulations on your little lovely black baby, David. Are you stopping there, or getting more? When I went to Africa all I got was a wallet."

To which a less-than-amused Madge replied: "You might go home with a black eye."

Esther and Husband Guy Ritchie, immediately stopped smiling - and walked out before the after-party had even begun.

Oops! Looks like Madge won’t be appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show anytime soon!

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Anonymous said...

Good someone needs to knock the silly cow down a peg or two!