Thursday, December 14, 2006

Paris All Set For A White Christmas

Paris Hilton was spotted on Maddison Ave in New York with some kind of white substance up her left nostril?

Hmm what on earth could that be? Well according to her rep:

"I can tell you Paris does not use narcotics. I would imagine it's something like whipped cream or a sugary substance from dessert, something that naturally might have found its way onto her face if she touched her nose or whatever. "I'd label it a stray dessert."

Hmm the only flaw in that particular argument is that fellow diners at Nellos where Paris had just had lunch with Brandon Davis claim the pair spent $2600! (yes $2600!) on a meal that included two Caesar Salads followed by two $1050 dishes of Kobe Steaks with white truffles and no dessert! Maybe her rep needs to speak to kate Moss rep then maybe he'll come up with something a little more plausible than the stray dessert theory!

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JJ said...

Stray dessert is definately my new drug of choice!