Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Madge's Marriage In Trouble?

Now that Madonna has grudgingly accepted that she will be monitored by several human rights group to ascertain her suitability to adopt her new accessory from Malawi, things seemed to have settled down at the Ritchie household but according to one UK Paper, Guy and Esther’s marriage is on the rocks after all the strain of Madge’s Malawian baby snatch. UK paper The People claims:

"The marriage is near rock-bottom. They've been putting on a united front in public but behind closed doors their marriage has come under strain. The publicity surrounding the adoption has created a difficult atmosphere in their home. After a heart-to-heart they decided to seek the help of a marriage guidance specialist."

No surprise there then! The only surprise is that Guy has managed to last past six months with that dominating demented diva. Maybe if Madge isn’t happy she should just go and buy a new husband to go with the new baby she just bought.

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ken said...

Good for them seeking help for their marriage. Here's a 12 hour workshop they can attend www.backtoblissworkshop.com

Ken Kinnett