Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Out Clubbing Before The Anaesthetic Even Wore Off

Seems Lindsay Lohan isn’t gonna keep a little thing like an appendectomy keep her from partying. Despite only leaving hospital last Thursday Ho Han was partying as hard as ever over the weekend.

Which does make you wonder if the whole appendix thing isn’t a hoax according to some witnesses HoHan was partying hard Wednesday night then was in and out of hospital in a day and back to partying a day after that! Could this just be another excuse for her not wanting to turn up for work again?

Ho han is currently filming her new “stripper” film but the whole thing smacks of the controversy over her last movie when she was accused of partying to the point of hospitalisation and holding up filming. I guess she needed abetter excuse than the “exhaustion” one she used last time!

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pete said...

Well she wont let anything stand between her and her vodka! Not even a major operation!