Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Is Photo-Shopped To Death

Good grief now I’m all for a bit of airbrushing here and there, hell! I’ve even taken the Photoshop blur tool to a few of my own pics in the past but there is a limit. Lindsay Lohan appears as the new face of Miu Miu and what on earth were they thinking? I really don’t see the point in making a “celebrity” the face of your ad campaign if you are going to airbrush the out of all recognition!

There’s no way I would have guessed it was Ho Han from this shot, especially when you compare it with this candid shot form the Golden Globes last week, where Lindsay, looked like her partying, operation and decimated liver are well and truly catching up with her!

Jeez! Is there any of the original photo left in that ad!

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tz198289 said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy! She looks rough in that second shot!

Anonymous said...

Would it not have been easier to use Lily Cole?