Sunday, January 14, 2007

What A Dame - Shirley Bassey Celebrates 70 With A New Single

There’s just no stopping Dame Shirley Bassey. Here recent version of Pink’s “Get this party started” fronted the Christmas M&S ad and now, The Tigress from Tiger Bay is celebrating her 70th birthday with the release of a new single “The Living Tree”. She’s back! And her voice has lost none of its power.

Check out the single including the great “shaken and not stirred” and “Bimbo Jones” remixes at Shirley’s website and hear the original version at Shirley’s Myspace page

Happy Birthday Shirley Bassey The Queen of all Diva’s!

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Camp david said...

Oooh I love shirley Bassey! 70 and still recording you gotta love the old Dame!