Thursday, January 11, 2007

More News From Car Crash Central - Britney Did Go Down On N.Y.E.

It seems Britney’s publicist version of the events on NYE at "Pure" are a little at odds with many eye witness reports, including that of “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous” host, Robin Leach. Whilst Britney’s rep insisted she just walked out because she was feeling tired and didn’t collapse at all, Robin tells a different story:

In an exclusive interview with ABC News Radio, Leach says: "She suddenly slides to the floor. Pandemonium and panic break out in her 27-strong person camp. The woman standing two feet away from me immediately shouts out at the top of her voice, 'Make sure there are no pictures, no photographers at all!'

"At the same time, her bodyguard, who was four feet from me, calls for extra security, and the bodyguards from Pure nightclub race up there." Britney was then carried out.

Hmm still saying you left early cos you were tired Britney?

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Tom Gaylord said...

I'm lovin that hilarious Britney face! more! haha

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. The poor dear was clearly exhausted after Bible study, feeding the homeless and then dancing the night away on Perrier...

...and I'm a member of the Wu Tang Clan.