Saturday, January 27, 2007

What The Hell Happened To Tyra Banks Tree Trunk Thighs?

Tyra Banks ex model turned TV Host, has hit back at paparazzi pics and articles in the press about her recent weight gain. Tyra who admits to gaining weight since she gave up modelling says the media’s obsession with weight has gone too far and intends to devote an episode of her show to addressing the issue. She hasn’t stopped there either on the cover of People Magazine a swimsuit clad Tyra asks the question:

“You call this fat?”

In a further spread inside Tyra goes on to claim:

“If I had lower self esteem I would probably be starving myself right now”

Well done Tyra very commendable!

However!…All of this might sound very noble, had it not been for the fact that People have very clearly Photo-shopped half her thighs out of the pictures! Either that or the girls had major Lypo since the pap shots were taken.

Cos there is no way they are the same thighs!

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Anonymous said...

those are one set of enormous thighs!

Danielle said...

People are such assholes. She is NOT fat by any means. People are so shallow that all they can see is that. People wounder why girls now a days have such low self esteem. SHE IS NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In this pics Tyra looks fat I really don't like her bathing suit. By the way I had heard that Tyra's boyfriend likes to visit Viagra Online 'cause of his serious problems.
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Baby Anne said...

Actually they are the same thighs, the side view and the front view offer two different dimensions and you're probably as smart as a high school principal that doesn't take into considering the person's height and body proportions before condemning them for trying to stay cool on a hot day.

Phathutshedzo Muhali said...

You are sooooo beautiful tyra.... no matter what they say. Jelousy makes people nasty