Saturday, January 27, 2007

Katie Holmes And Posh Do Paris Again

Katie Holmes has been allowed out again from the clutches of Tom and once again her minder friend Posh accompanied her! The girls created quite a stir as they hit the Paris fashion shows for the second time this year.
Katie in a desperate attempt to recapture her youth even attempted a Britney/Paris style exit from one of the limo’s. Luckily for us the dress didn’t ride quite as far up as Britney and Lindsay’s have been known to!

I’m sure over protective Tom isn’t going to like that but now that Posh and Becks are due to move to the US he will at least have a constant minder friend on call for Katie, in case she tries to escape again.

Meanwhile, whilst Posh shopped in Paris, Madame Tussaud’s shipped over their waxworks of the Beckham’s to the US to celebrate their move. Maybe they figured the dummies would be more entertaining for the Americans and look a lot more natural!

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