Monday, February 12, 2007

Rank & Bile- Farewwell

Dear readers

Having returned from my holiday I have decided to put the Rank & Bile site to bed, I have been Blogging for a year now and feel “Ive been there and done that” I’d like to thank all of the nearly 100,300 visitors over the last year and their 260,000 page views.

When I started this Blog I was hoping for, maybe, 200 hits a month by the end there were over 2000 a week. So a huge Thank You to you all especially my regular readers: Eric, L.Vo, China Blue, Camp David, JJ, Janice, Celia, Cawfee Guy, Simon and Jonny.

Who knows one day Rank & Bile may return!

Myles x


L vo said...

Boo! RIP Rank & Bile, I've loved you. Who will I turn to now for updates on the randomness of Prince von Anhult coming forward on the Anna Nicole Smith paternity battle or 'what did Eva Green think she was looking like at the Baftas?' comments. I spose I'll just have to phone you for gossips instead of turning to your site. Thanks for the past year, you are the first site I log on to every day, I'll miss you. xxx

Anonymous said...

Aww, I'll miss you Myles. I've enjoyed your blog! xxx

Eric said...

Nooooooooo ..... how the hell am i suppose to start my day at work?
I need some celebrity bashing to help wash down the first mug of coffee of the day.

Cheers for the last year Myles, you know how much it has helped to put a VERY BIG smile on my face when I get into work.

Just let us know when you do Rank & Bile The Reunion & Rank & Bile The Early Years. Eric xxx

Camp David said...

Arghhhh now I wont have a clue whats happening in the world...well the really important stuff. You are the man that introduced me to the joys of Ann Miller (adore her btw!). Am going to pout all day now :-(

JJ said...

Pig! My life is destroyed!!!

Myles said...

Did prince Von Anhult really ccome forward in the Anna Nicole Smith Paternity suit? Lordy! am already Soooo out of the loop!

CawfeeGuy said...

but where will i turn for my cattiness and vitriol?

Laura said...

Sorry to see you go. You've been very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Damn, how I'm going to miss all the pics of Ho-han's 'beaver'!

Finazio said...


celia said...

The world is a sadder place without you :-(

Anonymous said...

will miss my little secret in work.

k said...

Now what will I do while at work all day? Who will save me from the tedious drudgery of day to day life? Who will I turn to for my daily dose of bitching?
You'll be greatly missed.
Rank & Bile forever - RIP!!!

Lindee said...

Oh Myles. Say it isn't so. How will I get my celeb news, with your brand of sarcasm?
Have a great year.

Danielle Jessica said...

Myles. This is your Sister!
Think of all your loyal readers. How are they meant to make it through the day without your own brand of sarcasm and wit.
Now, just think about your decision and the effects it will have on daily life for so many who enjoy your superior celebrity bashing.
Get your butt back at that desk and blog, damn it!!!!

Much Love
Danielle Jessica

Muid Latif said...

i just found this blog couple days ago, cause was looking for some info on my fav celebs like Angie. Sad to see Rank & Bile leave, but seriously, i really enjoyed reading all the impressive coverage.

Lots of luv,
Muid, Kuala Lumpur,

Ali said...

Its a sad day for blogging. Where will i get my celebrity gossip fix now?

Storrento said...

Hey Myles,

just got to your blog over a (poor old) Cher fansite and spent the whole day reading. Countless laughs.

Thanks, sweetie!

adizzlegtk said...

rip,this is sad news

hit me up anytime at

rip rip

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