Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Beautiful Brando

A long forgotten screen test made by a young Marlon Brando for the film Rebel Without a Cause has come to light. The part would eventually make James Dean a star 8 years later and the test which is included as a bonus feature on a new DVD set of Tennessee Williams film adaptations, has been gathering dust since the late 1940’s.

The test pre-dates Brando’s film debut in The Men and whilst it is obvious Brando was not suited for the role of tortured teenager Jim Stark it does give a glimpse of Brando at his physical and artistic peak. For all the criticism thrown at Brando later in his life, there is no denying he was a spectacular specimen in his youth, as this test shows. So get a copy of the box set and feast your eyes on Brando before the mumbling, weight gain and total destruction of his fabulous looks. Here are a few pictures to give you a taste.

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