Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cher Queen of Queens

In a recent Interview Liza Claimed in a contest
between her Cher and Streisand it would be Cher voted the biggest Gay Icon.

Streisand never one to lose gracefully must be fuming and propably has people stitching more and more sequins on the costumes for her scheduled farewell tour in a bid to camp it up, as we speak.

So is Liza right? You better Believe it!
So what makes Cher the Queen of Queens?
Well if nothing else it's effort. Whilst Liza's Studio 54 days, Halston outfits , gay husbands and drug problems all added to her Iconic status, she did have a pretty big head start, having inherited the mantel from Momma (the worlds greatest ever Gay Icon). As for Barbra, she tried real hard at the start, channeling Fanny Brice, show tunes, the whole Brooklyn, Jewish thing, fingernails and the Diva tantrums but then, her heart just was'nt in it and she crimped her hair,went down the Stoney End and landed up well and truly mainstream.

Cher on the other hand has just worked and worked it, she has climbed the Icon Ladder one sequinned outfit at a time, with only Bob Mackie and her plastic surgeon to help her and still the (Iconic) Beat Goes On. From The Sonny and Cher Show, to power ballads, infomercials, an Oscar, the gayest comeback of all time (Believe) and Culminating in her (never ending) farewell tour which must surely be the Gayest entertainment event of all time. Cher just keeps on going, gathering another generation of gay fans decade after decade. Yes Liza is right Cher has truly earned her titles Queen of camp, biggest Gay Icon and Queen of Queens.

One of Pops greatest comebacks Cher Beleive!

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Cher Rocks!