Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Liza's No1 Gay Icon is Cher!

In a forthcoming interview with Newsweek, Liza with a Z claims, if it came down to it, a contest for ultimate Gay Icon, between Cher, Barbra and Liza , would be won by Cher!So what is it that makes these three, such massive Icons, well according to Liza “I think probably Barbra and maybe even Cher and myself in school felt like outcasts because we didn’t have standard looks” and that “Maybe what a gay Icon is, is a person who is rooted for — in other words, cheered on — by people who feel different,”

Well honey you should know!
I think the real reason this trio of Divas remain constant in the affections of gay men. Is that all of them have, from the very start of their careers, acknowledged and embraced their gay fans. (As this interview with Liza shows).

Liza, though a close second in the icon department, confesses her gaydar often lets her down admitting she didn’t guess first husband Peter Allen (The Boy from Oz) was gay until two weeks after they were married! Presumably she’s still in the dark about the last one as well! (A little tip Liza.....maybe stop dating members of Momma’s fan club?)

Liza may be car crash/gay icon/Hollywood royalty but that doesn’t mean she does'nt have friends at every level and Liza goes on to say that "one of my best friends is a taxi driver another is a maintenance man”..."I go everywhere people are wonderful,They say hi and I say hi, and we keep going. That’s New York.” (That maybe New York Liza but saying Hi in the street doesn’t make someone your friend. This could explain why the guest list for her last wedding included half the population of New York!)

Well I for one, look forward to reading the full interview with Crazy with a Z if nothing else you can always rely on Liza for a laugh.

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