Sunday, September 10, 2006

Land Of Hope & Glory

Two events this weekend proved to me how Britain deserves its title Great Britain. First of all I went to the last night of the proms in Hyde Park. The sight of 20 thousand people waiving their flags and singing Land of Hope & Glory was truly moving and at the risk of sounding clich├ęd made you proud to be British but the thing that truly represented Britain to me this weekend was The Brick Lane Festival.

This annual festival brought out all the local residents and visitors from all over London and every ethnic group was represented in a party like atmosphere

Brick Lane (the next street to mine) is in an area known in London, as Bangla Town, as its home to a huge Bangladeshi community. In former times, it was home to many of London’s Jewish community and before that it housed French Heugenots who came to the East End of London after fleeing France. For me Brick Lane represents what’s truly great about Britain and its people.

Always a refuge and genuine welcome to all, acceptance of different people and cultures and a sense of fair play and equality are the qualities that make Britain Great and truly a Land of Hope and Glory.

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bobby's body said...

Watched the end of the concert on TV and was also thinking "this is what makes me proud to be British."

There in the Albert Hall, amongst the the thousands of union flags, someone right at the front was waving an enormous pink Union Jack. Like the ones you always see at Gay Pride.

It wasn't that it was a gay flag being flown at an event of national sigificance that made me proud, it was that it seemed that nobody minded and nobody cared as it was being waved right to the end.

It's why I think that, right now, for the gays at least, there is no better to be, than in Great Britain. Long may it continue to be Great.

Gareth said...

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves:
Britons never will be slaves.

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