Monday, October 30, 2006

Nicole Lindsay & Mischa The Week-End From Hell

It’s not been a good weekend for Rachel Zoe’s addicts….erm sorry clients, first came pictures of Mischa Barton last week sobbing in her car? Maybe she gained a pound or kept a meal down by mistake?

Then this weekend Lindsay HoHan was spotted early morning in LA having a sort of paranoid freak out in her car. Lindsay claimed she was being followed and had been for hours, by people trying to run her off the road and kill her.

Ironically she had been partying earlier with Nicole Richie who apparently collapsed at nightspot Hyde also in the early hours and was carried by friends, out of the club. Whatever they were “drinking” make mine a double!

Hmm so much for Nicole’s re-hab how long did that last? Two days?

Get these girls some help!

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Anonymous said...

LMBAO @ 'Maybe she gained a pound or kept a meal down by mistake?'

The scrawny chickens are coming home to roost!