Monday, October 30, 2006

Whitney Houston - Queen Of The Night At The Carousel Of Hope Ball

Whitney’s definitely back with a capital B and looking absolutely fabulous. The newly divorced Whitney, was Queen of the Night, when accompanied by her producer, Clive Davis she attended the annual Carousel of Hope Ball in Los Angeles.

What a difference a few months makes! From dishevelled crack addict, to a radiant Houston looking the best she has in years. Rehab and ditching Bobby and the crack obviously agrees with her! Even her wig is looking good this time!

I’m the first to attack the stars but nothing has pleased me more than seeing Whitney back on track now let’s just hope Clive will get the Diva the comeback album she deserves and get her back up there where she belongs as The Diva of all Diva’s.

Shame a few others don’t follow her lead and get some help, speaking of which…..

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Camp david said...

looking good Whitney! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

She's looking great - no longer like Beetlejuice. I do hope that her breath no longer smells like 'ass', as someone who encountered her at a petrol station one night observed.