Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Imelda Collection - We Love It

Last month in our post "Designer Dictator" we reported on the return of the irrepressible Imelda Marcos with her new jewelery collection named modestly, "The Imelda Collection"

Well Somebody decided to put up a website to help her flog her tat, check it out, camp doesn't even begin to describe it! Link: The Imelda Collection

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Camp david said...

where can you buy this stuff? Its going straight to the top of my Christmas list

Marcus Knight said...

I dont think you should be giving any publicity to a woman who along with her husband destroyed the Philipine nation robbing its people of their inheritance and their dignity and even worse went un-punished.

Myles said...

Lordy lighten up! She may have been a monster but she at least had fabulous shoes so she can't have bee ALL bad!