Saturday, November 25, 2006

Paris Supporting Britney In Messy Divorce Saga - God Help Her

The love fest that is Britney and Paris shows no sign of ending any time soon, just lately the two have become as inseparable as Britney and her Marlboros but it seems to be having a terrible effect on Britney’s hair which is starting to look like a matted dog.

Meanwhile severe bed head may not be Britney’s only problem as her ex loser husband K Fed is causing trouble again. Britney may have sidestepped his sex tape threats by vowing to release the tape before he can but now the waste of space is threatening to tell all in a book.

K fed claims he has the dirt on Britney and will put it all on paper amongst the allegations he will allegedly reveal are that Britney is;

Bisexual and begged K fed for threesomes with other women.

Had numerous crushes on other women.

And also that the much reported mis haps with her son earlier this year are just the tip of the iceberg and that Britney is an unfit mother who often endangered the boy’s life.

As if that wasn’t enough it appears producers of Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother have approached him to appear in the next season which will give him the perfect platform to bash Princess Whitetrash from.

Looks like the McCartney’s have nothing on this pair! Talking of the McCartney divorce…..

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Janice said...

what a couple of Ho's I hear they are off to Miami how much std's can one town take!

Tyler said...

Jeez thats a birds nest on her head!