Thursday, January 11, 2007

Britney's Stylist Is Ashamed - She Has A Stylist! Who Knew?

Britney Spears has a stylist! Who knew? The poor soul is Britt Bardo, who is doing everything in her power to distance herself from Britney:

Britt Bardo, whose clients include the likes of Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes, was overheard telling folks that she’s not responsible for the look of the “Oops, I Did It Again” crooner, according to In Touch Weekly.

'Yes, I’ve done Britney Spears, but don’t blame me, okay?' Bardo said. 'I make her up and she just takes everything off and does her own thing.'

Hmm I hear Rachel Zoe has a vacancy since she lost Nicole and not only will your dress sense improve Britney, you’ll probably lose a whole lot of weight with Rachel as your dealer stylist!

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jj said...

Who'd wann be britney's stylist no wonder she's ashamed!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that has to be worse than being Naomi Campbell's maid!